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Be Present - Compete

What is this programme?


The Be Present - Compete Programme is an audio programme consisting of 12 guided meditations specifically created for athletes or performers who compete regularly in their sport/discipline and who are looking to overcome challenges they have regarding their mental game. 

Through the meditations the practitioner is taken on a journey inwards, helping them to become more aware of their breath, their body and their thoughts. This increased breath, body and mind awareness can help the practitioner recognise habits that aren't serving them. Once that recognition has been made, change can occur. And improvements can be made. Clarity of mind is what's needed for an athlete/performer to be in their "flow state".  Through meditation competing 'in the zone"  becomes more consistent, anxiety reduces, focus improves.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for athletes and performers, from amateur to professional level, who compete in a sport or discipline.

It is designed to help those who are looking for ways to improve their ability to compete with full awareness and to deal with issues such as

  • nerves and anxiety 

  • anger

  • low confidence

  • poor concentration and focus

  • inconsistencies in your performance

With commitment to a consistent practice of the meditations in this programme the practitioner can open up the potential to compete with full clarity of mind. This leads to a fulfilling enjoyment of the sport/discipline and can lead to results that were previously deemed out of their reach. 

What's included in the programme?

On purchasing the BE PRESENT - COMPETE programme you will receive a download link to access the following...

  • 12  Meditations  (Almost 2 hours of guided meditations, including a 27minute Yoga Nidra meditation)

  • A guided recording on the best way to prepare for the meditations

  • A pdf file Goal Setting Guide & Worksheet 

  • A pdf file Guide on How to Practice the Meditations 

          Guided Meditations Included

  • Preparing for a Meditation (Guided Recording)     2.11mins

  • Breath Awareness Meditation    7.51mins

  • 3 Phase Breath Meditation    9.21mins

  • Simple Counting of the Breath Meditation    5.43mins

  • Counting the Breath Meditation, Doubling and Pausing    11.31mins

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation    10.34mins

  • Full Body Awareness Meditation    8.31mins

  • Bell Meditation    5.54mins

  • Mantra Meditation    8.11mins

  • Confidence Meditation     6.33mins

  • Visualisation for Peak Performance    8.29mins

  • Bubble Meditation for Athletes and Performers    9.46mins

  • Yoga Nidra for Athletes & Performers (Bonus Content)    27.02mins

When you purchase the programme you will be sent a download link that is valid for 30 days. This link contains 2 pdf documents, one welcoming you to the programme and a guide on how to practice the meditations. And the second is a Goal Setting guide and a Goal Setting Worksheet. This worksheet is specifically for your goals for your mental game. You are guided through the process of setting mental goals for yourself through explanations of the different types of goals, a questionnaire and a journaling sheet.  

Included with the purchase of the programme is a bonus Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

The first 4 meditations, Breath Awareness, 3 Phase Breath, Simple Counting of the Breath, and Counting of the breath (Doubling & Pausing) focus specifically on breath awareness. Using the breath as an anchor in these meditations is an effective way to help the practitioner become more mindful.  


The next two meditations; “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” and “Full Body Awareness” are guiding you to observe how your body feels. These meditations help you connect with your physical body and when you practice them, over time, you start to recognise how your body reacts physically when you’re  feeling  tension, nervous, angry or frustrated. For example, in tennis if you notice that you stop moving your feet when you feel nervous, then you can consciously make a decision to pump the feet before each point. Or you might notice that in times of anger and frustration your breath is short and rushed. Once you notice what’s happening with your emotions, you can guide yourself towards calming down by focusing on taking a few long deep breaths.


The ”Bell Meditation“ and “Mantra Meditation” are two meditations that are primarily about focusing the mind. These meditations should help with improving your focus and concentration.


The “Confidence Meditation” guides you towards going deep within yourself to find the true confident you, your inner power,  within.


“Visualization for Peak Performance” guides you in creating mental images in your mind where you are executing skills or imagining scenarios that could possibly happen while you’re competing. As explained in the intro to this meditation, you can choose what you wish to visualise. There may be a skill you’re looking to perfect. Or you may want to prepare yourself for different types of scenarios that might or might not happen when you’re competing. With consistent practice this meditation can help you realise your goals.


The ”Bubble Meditation for Athletes & Performers” is a meditation for those who wish to be able to block out all the external distractions that can occur when they go to compete.


And finally you have the “Yoga Nidra” meditation. This meditation is 27 minutes long. It is recommended that you practice this meditation when you are looking for a deep rest for the body. Yoga Nidra can be described as ‘dynamic sleep’, where the body sleeps yet the mind is alert. Through a Yoga Nidra practice, as the body sleeps you can slip into an alpha state, the state between being awake and being asleep. It is said that everything you experience here, everything that you hear and say to yourself has a powerful effect on your life.

Why I created this programme?

I have experienced first hand the many mind battles an athlete faces while trying to achieve their goals. Meditation for me became the most important part of my tennis training. No matter how good I felt physically or how well I was hitting the ball, if my mind wasn't right, I was never able to compete near my best.

I created this programme because, over the years, as a coach, I was frustrated. Frustrated at my inability to help athletes improve their mental game. I would touch on the common mental issues athletes need to address and I would advise on solutions but it was never all packaged together. 

So I decided to create a package of honest guided  meditations that are created from my experience as a former athlete, a coach of players from beginner to professional level, a former captain of the Irish ladies National Tennis Team and as a yoga and meditation teacher. 

With commitment to a consistent practice in meditation an athlete can tackle their mental challenges in a mindful way. Self awareness will be enhanced, clarity of mind improved, unlocking their true inner power, resulting in a successful relationship between the athlete and their sport. Results in the competitive arena are then sure to follow.

How much does the programme cost?

The programme is a once-off payment of €25. 

Will I have lifetime access to the programme?

After purchase you will be sent an email with a link to download the programme. You will have 30 days to download this link. After 30 days the link will expire.

Are there any times when I shouldn't practice the meditations?

Please do not listen to the meditations whilst driving or operating machinery. 

*Please Note *

It is prohibited to reproduce, copy or share this product.

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