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A programme to help athletes and performers find their "Flow State" whilst competing. Includes a Goal Setting Guide & Worksheet and 12 Guided Meditations specifically designed for anyone competing in the sporting or performance world.

Be Present - Compete

  • On purchasing the BE PRESENT - COMPETE programme you will receive


    • 12  Meditations  (Almost 2 hours of guided meditations, including a 27minute Yoga Nidra meditation)

    • A guided recording on the best way to prepare for the meditations

    • A pdf Goal Setting guide & worksheet 

    • A pdf guide on how to practice the Meditations 

              Guided Meditations Included

    • Preparing for a Meditation (Guided Recording)     2.11mins

    • Breath Awareness Meditation    7.51mins

    • 3 Phase Breath Meditation    9.21mins

    • Simple Counting of the Breath Meditation    5.43mins

    • Counting the Breath Meditation, Doubling and Pausing    11.31mins

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation    10.34mins

    • Full Body Awareness Meditation    8.31mins

    • Bell Meditation    5.54mins

    • Mantra Meditation    8.11mins

    • Confidence Meditation     6.33mins

    • Visualisation for Peak Performance    8.29mins

    • Bubble Meditation for Athletes and Performers    9.46mins

    • Yoga Nidra for Athletes & Performers (Bonus Content)    27.02mins

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