Meditation & Yoga Nidra 
Online Class   Next Course start date Jan 18

In this online zoom class, which is 45 minutes long we begin by practicing simple types of conscious breathing patterns to help the mind focus, balance the nervous system and to help you become more connected to your inner self. You are then invited to transition to a lying down position to  practice Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra can be described as yogic sleep. You are guided through simple body and breath instructions which helps cultivate a feeling of effortlessness and allows the body and mind to let go and come into a state of deep relaxation. And at the end of the practice you have the option to free write/journal privately for a few minutes. 

Click on video to practice a sample yoga nidra practice

** Recording available for 7 days for all participants so you can continue to practice during the week **

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Next 6 Week Course start date Jan 18th 2022

Time: 8-8.45PM

Investment for 6 week block: €50 (must be paid before the start of the first class)


Drop in Rate for Online Zoom Class €12


Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

For all bookings, please text, email, or call,  stating :

  • Which class/classes you wish to attend (include Day and Time)

  • If you are practicing with me for the first time you must complete and submit a Registration Form

  • I will then send you details of how to pay online. You can pay by Revolut or Bank Transfer.

  • You will be emailed the password for the Zoom meeting the day before each class is due to take place. Or, if you're doing drop in with short notice on the day of the class, you'll receive the password upon confirmation of payment. 

  • The classes will be recorded. If you miss your class don't worry. I will send you a link to view a recording of the Class and this link will be available for 1 week after the actual class. 

Starting a meditation and mindfulness practice can be life changing for many people. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, self awareness can be enhanced, leading to a feeling of connectedness and belonging.



  • Alleviate stress

  • Allow room to process memories & emotions

  • Improve symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve concentration

  • Improve self worth/esteem

  • Help with grounding energy giving a feeling of being more connected to nature and life

  • Deal with grieving