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Yoga for Children: Text
Yoga for Children: Text


Although the benefits are similar, a children's yoga class looks very different to an adult's yoga class. Classes are tailored to the age and attention span of the children. The children benefit more from the classes when they are enjoying them so it's important that the classes are fun! 

We practice yoga poses through song, music, stories and games for the younger ages.

For older children the poses practiced are based on a chosen class theme. Each class includes relaxation and mindfulness, helping children to relax and unwind.


Yoga helps improve children's


  • focus

  • concentration

  • self awareness

  • self confidence

  • balance

  • flexibility

  • strength.



The aim of this programme is to expose children to ways that can help them become more connected to their bodies, thoughts and emotions. Through yoga, mindfulness and meditation, the children can learn valuable life skills that can support them be content in today's modern world and the future. 

I teach the "Calm School Kids" programme  in Primary Schools and Montessoris. These classes are run during school hours or as an after-school club. Schools can choose... 

  • a one day introductory session (I come to the school and teach all the classes over the course of a few hours or a full school day)

  • run classes over a number of weeks (We arrange to run classes over a number of weeks, e.g. 4 weeks or 6weeks)

Typically, classes for the Montessori and Junior and Senior Infant age groups would last no longer than 30 minutes. Classes for older age groups can typically run from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

If you're a principle or parent in the Wicklow region and would like more info on how to go about arranging these classes please get in touch to discuss. 

"Sowing seeds and developing tools for life"

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