As a former professional tennis player I understand the stresses and strains high intensity training and competition can place on the body. For an athlete to compete at their best they want to be in the best possible shape physically (and mentally) and most definitely don't want to get injured!!

I believe every athlete should work to incorporate yoga sessions into their weekly training schedule. 

A Yoga for Athletes Class has been added to the schedule. Mondays 8 - 9.15pm on Zoom. This class is suitable for anyone who is involved in sports or athletics, who wishes to improve their flexibility, strength and balance. An important area of an athletes career is injury prevention, one of the many benefits of practicing yoga. Gaining mental clarity through the breath work and meditation we practice in these yoga classes is a vital component of an athlete reaching their potential. Please see below the schedule of classes on offer. Please note the Yoga for Athletes class is an Online Class.

Schedule of Classes


Sept 14th)

YOGA ON ZOOM  (how it will work)

  • For classes on Zoom, once the class begins, mics will be muted. They'll be turned back on at the end of class to reconnect and have time for any questions.

  • Videos will be on so I can see you and assist with your alignment if needs be. You can choose to turn off your video if you wish.

  • If you missed your class don't worry. I will send you a link to view a recording of the Yoga Class and this link will be available for 1 week after the actual class. 


All Classes are run in 6 week blocks.      

Next 6 Week Block Start date Yoga for Athletes: Week of September 14th 2020.


Investment for 6 week block:

€60 for Studio Class (must be paid before the start of the first class)


€50 for Online Zoom Class (must be paid before the start of the first class)


Drop in Rate for Online Zoom class €10



Investment for 6 week block: 


€45 for Online Zoom Class (must be paid before the start of the first class)


Drop in Rate for Online Zoom class €9


Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

To book, please text, email, or call,  stating :

  • Which class/classes you wish to attend (include Day and Time)

  • Include whether you wish to attend studio or zoom class. (If the Studio is full I will let you know. You can still join in live via Zoom) 

  • If you are practicing yoga with me for the first time you must complete a Registration Form and return to me before your first class. Click here to download Registration Form.

  • I will then send you details of how to pay online

  • You will be emailed the password for the Zoom meeting the day before each class is due to take place. 

Yoga for Athletes - Online Class



Depending on your chosen athletic discipline it's possible that you have muscle groups that are strongly developed and other muscle groups that are under-developed and are in need of strengthening. Practicing yoga helps build strength in the core and in the supportive muscles surrounding the more developed, stronger muscles giving an overall balanced strength.


With strength we need flexibility. When the joints and muscles of the body are supple, it allows for an increased range of motion serving the athlete the ability to perform their sporting tasks better than if their joints and muscles were stiff.


A consistent yoga practice can lead to improvements in balance and co-ordination. This means enhanced control over how we move our body-which in turn improves our technique. Athletes spend a large percentage of their time working towards perfecting their technique.


Being unable to train or practice can be very frustrating. Yoga can help prevent you from suffering injuries. Yoga, if practiced correctly, can be considered a complement to all the other training an athlete does. Yoga is like the fine tuning, building subtle strength in the muscles that need it and ensuring the muscles and joints stay supple.


In a yoga class a lot of emphasis can be placed on focusing on the breath or the sensations in your body. This can lead to a more heightened awareness. Athletes have battles with their mind all the time. Yoga practice brings head space, calmness and focus. These qualities are essential to an athlete if they wish to reach their ultimate potential. To go deeper into this subject you might be interested in the Be Present - Compete audio meditation package for athletes which will be released soon.

Group Workout Session


I run Yoga and/or Meditatation Workshops for clubs, teams or squads with players/athletes who are looking to improve their physical and mental athletic performance.  Yoga postures we practice are tailored to the specific needs of the athletes and their particular sport. In the meditation workshops we practice various types of meditations designed to help the athletes improve their mental game. 


Please get in touch if this is something your club/squad would like to invest in.

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