Do you feel like you need help with your mental game when you compete? Do you suffer from nerves, low confidence, anger issues, or poor concentration? Or all of the above? The BE PRESENT - COMPETE package may just be what you need.

BE PRESENT - COMPETE is an audio meditation package specifically designed for athletes and performers to help them train their mind through meditation so as to find their "flow state" more consistently whilst competing.

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Why I created this course?

I have experienced first hand the many mind battles an athlete faces while trying to achieve their goals. Meditation for me became the most important part of my tennis training. No matter how good I felt physically or how well I was hitting the ball, if my mind wasn't right, I was never able to compete near my best.

I created this course because, over the years, as a coach, I was frustrated. Frustrated at my inability to help athletes improve their mental game. I would touch on the common mental issues athletes needed to address and I would advise on solutions but it was never all packaged together in a way that I know can help. 

So I decided to create a package of honest guided  meditations that are created from my experience as a former Professional Athlete, a Tennis Coach to players from beginner to professional level, a former Captain of the Irish ladies National Tennis Team and as a Yoga and Meditation teacher. 

With commitment to a consistent meditation practice an athlete can tackle their mental challenges in a mindful way. Self awareness will be enhanced, clarity of mind improved, unlocking their true inner power, resulting in a successful relationship between the athlete and their sport. Results in the competitive arena are then sure to follow. And an enhanced satisfaction in playing the sport can be attained.




Meditation for Athletes

Meditation for Athletes

As a former professional athlete and having trained tennis players from beginner to professional level, I understand the mental battles and struggles sports people and performers face. I recognise the agonising frustration when an athlete/performer knows they are not reaching their full potential because their mental game is letting them down. 

For an athlete to compete "in the zone" or be in their  "flow state" is when they are in an optimum state of conciousness, where they feel their best and perform their best. There are many factors that can interfere with ones flow state and unless these factors are addressed the blissful feeling of competing in the zone is one that is almost impossible to attain. 



  • low confidence

  • negative self-talk 

  • nerves and anxiety

  • poor focus and concentration 

  • being unable to control temper/anger 

  • being unable to compete with full awareness     


Overcoming these struggles can help unlock an athlete/performer's true potential and can give them thorough enjoyment competing in their sport.

If your mental game needs improving or if you’re struggling with any or all of the above then take a look at the products and services I offer and get in touch to take the next step towards competing at your best. 




The blissful joy of competing with a clear, calm and focused mind is something I wish for all my sporting clients. 

Since retiring from professional sport I have trained children and adults in tennis from beginner to professional level. I captained the Irish Ladies Fed Cup Tennis Team for 6 years until I stepped down in 2018. 

I work with many athletes including tennis players, footballers, runners and dancers. I recognise the mental struggles that sports people and performers face. These struggles are preventing them from reaching their potential. 

Meditation for me became the most important part of my tennis practice

I believe with clear concise goal setting and a commitment to a consistent meditation practice, the practitioner becomes increasingly self aware and is able to access their inner power. And ultimately can overcome the mental challenges that were holding them back from reaching their potential.

I truly enjoy giving athletes/performers guidance in these areas to help them cope with the demands of modern day sports/performance, to help them excel at their craft and simultaneously help them develop vital coping skills that are needed in today's world.


I run yoga and meditation workshops for clubs, teams or squads with players/athletes who are looking to improve their physical and mental athletic performance.  Yoga postures we practice are tailored to the specific needs of the athletes and their particular sport. We practice various types of meditations in the workshops designed to help the athletes improve their mental game. 


Please get in touch if this is something your club/squad would like to invest in.


The power of the present moment promises the potential of peak performance.