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Meditation for Athletes

Meditation for Athletes

As a former professional athlete and having trained tennis players from beginner to professional level, I understand the mental battles and struggles sports people and performers face. I recognise the agonising frustration when an athlete/performer knows they are not reaching their full potential because their mental game is letting them down. 

For an athlete to compete "in the zone" or be in their  "flow state" is when they are in an optimum state of conciousness, where they feel their best and perform their best. There are many factors that can interfere with ones flow state and unless these factors are addressed the blissful feeling of competing in the zone is one that is almost impossible to attain. 



  • low confidence

  • negative self-talk 

  • nerves and anxiety

  • poor focus and concentration 

  • being unable to control temper/anger 

  • being unable to compete with full awareness     


Overcoming these struggles can help unlock an athlete/performer's true potential and can give them thorough enjoyment competing in their sport.

If your mental game needs improving or if you’re struggling with any or all of the above then you might be interested in the services and products I offer.

Please see below details of my online packages, workshops, and private one on one sessions.

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Be Present - Compete

Do you feel like you need help with your mental game when you compete? Do you suffer from nerves, low confidence, anger issues, or poor concentration? Or all of the above? The BE PRESENT - COMPETE package may just be what you need.

BE PRESENT - COMPETE is an audio meditation package specifically designed for athletes and performers to help them train their mind through meditation so as to find their "flow state" more consistently whilst competing.

For just €12 per month you have access to the meditations in this package to help you develop a consistent mental game practice that will help you become more self aware and  more mindful when you compete, leading to more enjoyment of your sport and most likely, better results.

Other packages you may be interested inClick on image to learn more


I deliver "The Reset Process" Workshop to tennis clubs across the country.  These interactive workshops are all about helping tennis players at the competitive club and league level manage their mental game more effectively.  We address the most common challenges we face as tennis players, such as, nerves, negative self-talk, frustration & anger, poor concentration, low confidence and knowing what to do in between points. 

As a player I used mindfulness and meditation practices to help my own mental game and in these workshops I introduce these practices as well as other practical tips and exercises that players can adopt to help them become more calm, focused, confident, present competitors. When people have a good grasp on their mental game they enjoy the game more and, more often than not, their results improve too.

Here is some feedback from previous workshops...

It was fantastic to meet you and the feedback was amazing from the members. We really enjoyed the session and the exercises so thank you. In fact some of them were practicing some of your techniques on court this morning ”


“Your workshop was fantastic. My husband and I got a lot out of it and we’re already looking forward to trying out techniques on court!”


“Thank you so much for coming. It was a great evening. Lots of positive feedback, it was a great success”


“Thanks again for all the great advice and strategies. Everyone I chatted to said it was a great workshop and took something away to try!”


“The content was all very useful and I really liked the mindfulness practices. I especially liked when you applied the theory to your own experiences as a top tennis player. The tips around handling bad calls were invaluable!, I really enjoyed the evening”

Please get in touch if this is something you think your club might like to organise and I can give you more information

One to One Sessions

I offer one2one sessions to help tennis players and athletes with their mental game. These sessions take place in person or online through zoom. There will be an intro call before the first session to discuss what the athlete needs work on. If the athlete is u18 I will speak with the parent/guardian beforehand.

I will email the athlete a questionnaire about their mental game. They'll complete the questionnaire and send back to me before our first session. 

Together in the session we figure out which areas of the mental game need the most attention and we work on setting mental game goals. Depending on what areas need work will depend on the meditations and exercises that will be introduced. We sometimes practice one or two meditations during the session, This is a great opportunity for the athlete to ask questions about the meditations. The client will be encouraged to practice some form of mindfulness/meditation daily until the next session. They will be invited to subscribe to BE PRESENT - COMPETE so they can practice the relevant meditations.

For Under 18s a consent form will need to be completed by a parent/guardian before the first session.

 To enquire about setting up a session please get in touch 


The power of the present moment promises the potential of peak performance.

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