Studio Classes
& Live Online Classes
in Aughrim 
Next 6 week block is starting Oct 24th 2022

In Studio yoga classes and I will also be live-streaming through ZOOM for anyone who wishes to practice from the comfort of their own home or if they live a long way from Aughrim.

For all classes, numbers are limited. So please book early to avoid disappointment.



Monday Vinyasa Flow Yoga AUGHRIM (In Studio & Live-streamed on ZOOM)

This is a mixed level class. 


Location: Aughrim Sports Centre (Y14 F868) & Online

Next New Course Start Date: Oct 24th 

Investment for 6 week course : In studio - €70   Zoom - €50

Drop in rate €15

​*Please note: No class on Monday Oct 31st (bank holiday)

Wednesday  Yoga for Beginners/Improvers (In Studio & Live-streamed on ZOOM)

For anyone new or relatively new to yoga or for anyone returning after a long break from it

6.45 -7.45pm

Location: Aughrim Sports Centre (Y14 F868) & Online

Next New Course Start Date: Oct 26th

Investment for 6 week course : In studio - €65    Zoom - €50

Drop in rate €14

Wednesday Vinyasa Flow Yoga (In Studio & Live-streamed on ZOOM)

This is a mixed level class


Location: Aughrim Sports Centre (Y14 F868) & Online

Next New Course Start Date: Oct 26th

Investment for 6 week course : In studio - €70    Zoom - €50

Drop in rate €15

*Minimum numbers required for classes to go ahead.

Please note it is possible to join a course at anytime provided there is available space. 

If looking to drop in to a class please text beforehand to check there is space available.


Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

To book, please text, email, or call, (0876778733) stating :

  • Which class/classes you wish to attend (include Day and Time)  Please note: ***Places are limited*** 

  • If you are practicing with me for the first time you must complete and submit a


  • I will then let you know if there is a space available for you and I will give you payment details.  

  • More classes may be added if classes become full.

YOGA ON ZOOM  (how it works)

  • For those joining classes online you will need to download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer.  

  • Once the class begins, mics will be muted. They'll be turned back on at the end of class to reconnect and have time for any questions.

  • Videos will be on so I can see you and assist with your alignment if needs be. You can choose to turn off your video if you wish. 

  • I am available if you wish to contact me outside of class times if you have any questions about the practice. 

Online Yoga
Yoga Class

My classes for adults are a Vinyasa Flow style of Yoga. I like to describe them as "slow flow" classes.  This style of yoga co-ordinates movement with the breath. There is an emphasis on using the breath as we transition between postures and also whilst holding postures. It is important to listen to your body when practicing yoga. It should never hurt, so if a posture hurts please ease up on the pose or come out of the pose completely.


Modifications are provided for postures when needed. I encourage my students to pay attention to the sensations in their body during class, in poses and when resting. This promotes mindful awareness and the practice can feel like a flowing movement meditation.

Continue your Yoga practice at home with the
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Complement your weekly yoga class with on demand practices at home

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra

Develop your own home practice with this resource of  Videos & Audios of classes and practices on


You can check out my YouTube channel         for a range of yoga practices. Please note * Any action you take upon the information you find in these videos is strictly at your own risk.

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