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Kind words from clients

"Yvonne Doyle is an amazing Yoga teacher but her guided meditations and visualisation techniques for athletes of all kinds and levels are simply some of the best I have come across. Check her out, one very talented woman"

 - Aisling

"Yvonne is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding are embedded in her classes. I hate to miss one as I always come away feeling energised, inspired as well as relaxed. Thank you, Yvonne!"  


 - Imelda

"My regular class at home in Aughrim & greatly valued recharging and gentle encouragement from a very graceful yogi"

 - Natasha

"Highly recommended people, Yvonne is a great teacher, while she is obviously very experienced she keeps it all nice and simple ... I started last year and absolutely love it ....."

 - Trevor

"I have been attending Yvonne's classes for a few months now and can honestly say they are amazing. Her classes are a fabulous mix of challenge, flow and calm. I look forward to getting on to the mat each week. I am training for a particular sporting event and her yoga has been of great benefit for me both body and mind"

 - Aisling

"These classes have been a revelation. I didn't know just how much stress was stored in my body until I began the classes & it came up & I'm able to use the Yoga Nidra to address stress in a positive way"

 - Abigail

"This has been a god-send for me - I highly recommend Yvonne's Meditation & Yoga Nidra classes and what I find really helpful is, if the live recording doesn't suit you, Yvonne will very kindly send you the recording"

 - Laura

"I love the class Yvonne. Really look forward to Tuesday evenings now"

 - Sinead

"Yvonne gives a really excellent description of every pose, helping me to understand the purpose of the pose, to improve my posture in the pose and therefore improve and progress my overall yoga practice"

 - Michelle

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