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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

If you’re reading this, know that you are breathing! Woohoo! You’re alive! – That’s the good news.

The possible bad news is that, although you’re breathing, you may not be breathing in a way that’s helpful to your overall wellbeing. You know you’re breathing, but are you REALLY breathing? Are you even aware of how you're breathing?

You now might be thinking, I'm too busy to read this post!!!

But, if I still have your attention……and if you sometimes feel that you're too busy to take even a few conscious breaths then stay with me for a few moments longer . This will take 3 minutes out of your day, but it may be a valuable 3 minutes that will change your day (for the better!)

As you read this sentence, without trying to change it, just notice your breath. Just become aware of your breath. See can you feel the movement of the breath in your body. Is anything moving? Is your chest moving, your tummy perhaps? Maybe rest your hand on your tummy or your chest and feel the breath a little more. The gentle inwards and outwards movement.

Stay with this awareness of the movement of your breath for 3 more breaths.




Maybe you can feel the breath at your nostrils. If you rest your attention on the nostrils, you might consider the temperature of the air entering the nose and the temperature of the air leaving the nose.

Stay focusing on the temperature of the breath for 3 more breaths.




Become aware of the pace of your breath.

Is it fast?

Is it slow?

Or is it somewhere in between?

Stay focusing on the pace of the breath for 3 more breaths.




During and after these little practices did you notice anything? No answer is right or wrong.

How you are breathing can affect your body and your mind.

By bringing our attention to how our breath is flowing in the body, the speed, the rhythm, the sensations it is creating, we are practicing mindful breathing. Becoming aware of the breath can tell you things about yourself. If you notice your breathing is shallow, you’re possibly nervous or frustrated or stressed. Then you can do something about it.

Sometimes by merely bringing our attention to our breath, it slows down. When we slow down our breath, this helps calm the nervous system, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, agitation and frustration.

Becoming mindful of the breath is a perfect place to start a meditation practice.

You can practice mindful breathing anywhere! After all, the breath is always with us. At home, in work, in a traffic jam, playing sport, doing a jigsaw, in the midst of an argument (this is difficult, but possible!). By practicing moments of mindful breathing throughout the day in all sorts of situations, home, work or play, you get better at recognising when your nervous system is over taxed and you can do something about it.

We all want to feel better in our bodies and in our minds.

Awareness of the breath is a good place to start.

If you have a little bit more time listen to my Breath Awareness Meditation on my YouTube Channel

For anyone who's interested in starting a meditation practice, I run an Online Meditation & Yoga Nidra class on Tuesday evenings at 9pm. This is a 45 minute class.

We practice seated meditation for the first half of the class, using various breathing patterns to help the mind become focused and one pointed. The second half of the class we practice Yoga Nidra, which is a practice done lying down. After a few moments of breath awareness you are guided through a body scan, helping the body become deeply relaxed, but the mind stays alert. This can be a deeply relaxing and healing practice and one that you may find truly beneficial.

Contact me if you wish to try a class on +353876778733 or email

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